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  About Us:

Our experience in production is wide and varied with work as large and complex as feature film production or as small and simple as a thirty second interview. We have worked for clients ranging from small PR companies to multi billion pound government IT projects.

We pride ourselves on understanding what the right message is and the method required to convey it. So often a film or video can miss the mark because the act of communication is misunderstood - just pushing information at a viewer will not automatically get your message across.

Consulting closely with clients we work at the heart of their communication need to create a final product not only fit for purpose but capable of evoking a real response from an audience.

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Our question is always: 'What do you want the audience to do, feel or understand after they have watched your film?'

The combined experience of our team in feature film and documentary production gives us a creative edge over many of our competitors. Allowing us to bring the full range of creative techniques ideas and experience to the table on any production.

Our production team possesses core skills in:

- Directing
- Script Writing & Development
- Producing
- Editing
- Motion Graphics (intro sequences, transitions, credit sequences, illustration & logo animation)
- Visual Effects
- Sound Design (Dolby Digital license holders)
- Music Composition (original score, themes & song-writing)

We are experienced in working with multiple third-party vendors and suppliers as part of a creative team, from composers and agents in the USA to local camera crew and contractors. The ability to manage a complex shoot in multiple locations over multiple days as well as focus on the detailed needs of the overall production is a vital skill and asset.


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